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June 2015

June 2015

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Samaritan collaborates on grant projects



Monthly Archives: June 2015

Samaritan collaborates on grant projects

Front-Page News Samaritan is featured in this front-page article by Katherine Lymn of the Post-Crescent on the $3 million in grants given by the Basic Needs Giving Partnership in the Fox Valley, Oshkosh and Green Bay — many of which support mental health as a basic need. The Basic Needs Giving Partnership Fund within the Community Foundation for […]

Brain Development and Teen Behavior

Brains “Under Construction” Did you know the brain continues to develop throughout adolescence? In fact, it is not fully developed until mid-twenties. The parts of the brain responsible for big-picture thinking, impulse control and planning — hallmarks of adult behavior — are among the last to mature, National Institute of Mental Health research shows. This helps […]

Trestle Trail Tragedy: Easing Anxiety and Fear

Traumatic events like the Trestle Trail tragedy can impact the community’s sense of safety and security, says Samaritan therapist Dede Harris-Bruss. It’s normal to experience both emotional and physical responses, Harris-Bruss says. “Even if you were not directly impacted by the event, it is normal to feel anxious, scared, sad and uncertain about the future.” […]