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February 2016

February 2016

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Anxiety Relief at the Touch of a Button



Monthly Archives: February 2016

Anxiety Relief at the Touch of a Button

Is anxiety keeping you awake at night or making you edgy? Therapist Renee Taylor’s teen and adult clients often struggle with anxiety and panic symptoms between counseling sessions. To help them cope, Renee directs them to an on-line article and list of free or low-cost anxiety-relieving apps for smart phones. These self-help apps are easy […]

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Need serenity now? Read this.

Every Wednesday our staff spends 30 minutes in devotions. The practice allows us to engage very personally in our mission to connect mind and spirit. Today therapist Ali Ambroso led us in conversation about the connection between feelings and faith. One of her touchstones was the Serenity Prayer. We thought you might enjoy the chance […]

What’s Your Love Language?

Ever feel like someone you love doesn’t love you back? It could be that their love is getting lost in translation, so to speak. When clients struggle to connect with a romantic partner, child or friend, therapist Katelynn Kinas guides them to author Gary Chapman’s love language concept — the notion that each of us […]