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Samaritan Counseling, Spirituality and the Healing Connection



Samaritan Counseling, Spirituality and the Healing Connection

Posted on by Jill Harp
Siebers Tracy 2955

Dr. Tracy M. Siebers, Ed. D., LPC

Dr. Tracy M. Siebers joined Samaritan Counseling in mid-June in a dual role as new clinical director and therapist.

Tracy recently shared how during her 20-plus years of experience in the mental health field she has continuously witnessed the important healing connection between mind, body and spirit in helping individuals, couples, families and organizations function most effectively.

“Based on the research I’ve done, Samaritan Counseling Center of the Fox Valley is an industry leader in utilizing an individual, couple or family’s spirituality in the counseling relationship in order to help them in obtaining wholeness and healing,” Tracy said.

Samaritan’s impressive Clergy and Congregation Care program has been part of this mission, she said, as well as the recent Creating Hope conference for faith leaders that equips them to understand and minister to those who have been affected by trauma.

“I am proud to say that I am in a leadership position at an organization that supports this connection for clients, as well as for staff,” Tracy said.

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