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Reduce Stress through Mindfulness



Reduce Stress through Mindfulness

Posted on by Jill Harp

Life A Little Hectic?

Need something to help you:

  • stay focused?
  • boost compassion?
  • relax?
  • sleep?
  • minimize stress?

Check out these four mindfulness and stress reduction resources:

  • provides free mindfulness, breathing and meditation guides.
  • provides a how-to guide for meditation and more (free app also available).
  • is a free app with 500+ meditation tracks that will inspire and relax you.
  • Five Minute Journal is an iPhone app that helps you reap the benefits of journaling on the go.

(Resources courtesy of Samaritan therapists Dee Savides, Megan Burdick-Grade and Courtney Pohlman.)

Samaritan therapists offer mindfulness and stress reduction workshops and lunch and learns. Contact Jill Harp to schedule.



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