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September 2019

September 2019

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Today Can Be the Day You Take a Stand



Monthly Archives: September 2019

Today Can Be the Day You Take a Stand

Seven Ways to Combat Domestic Violence By Dr. Tracy Siebers, Ed.D., LPC, Clinical Director at Samaritan Nearly two in three corporate executives (63%) say domestic violence is a major problem in our society, and more than half (55%) cite its harmful impact on productivity in their companies.1 What do you think about these statistics? What […]

We Do Weekly Devotions

Sustaining the Spirit in Spiritually-Integrated Mental Health Care At Samaritan, our mission is to provide spiritually integrated mental health care to the people in the communities we serve. This means we take seriously each person’s faith and spiritual practices, and if they are willing, integrate these beliefs into their mental wellness care. In fact, part […]

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