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Gloria Allhiser, LPC

Gloria Allhiser, LPC



Gloria Allhiser, LPC

It’s safe to say at some point in our life we will feel overwhelmed, stuck, or maybe that things are out of our control. We may be caught up in a difficult situation, or find ourselves worrying all the time. We may do certain things to check out or de-stress that over time become unhelpful. Maybe we experienced a traumatic event, or chronic stress, and our stress-response system is always set to “on” or “hyperdrive,” and we just can’t calm down. People of every age experience stress and it shows up in many ways. I am honored to be able to hold space with my clients as they show up to seek answers, healing, and growth. Using an integrative approach I work with clients ages 4+ to help them makes the changes they’d like to see, whether it’s parenting support, anxiety management, or recovering from a traumatic event or chronic stress and trauma. With child clients, I prioritize parents and caregivers to give them the support they need to make positive changes in their relationships and child’s behavior. I am trained and experienced in several trauma-responsive modalities, including play therapy, parent behavior management training, TF-CBT,  ACT, and IFS (among others).

I primarily see older adolescents and adults at our Menasha office on Mondays and Thursdays. via in-person and telehealth. I also work with our THRIVE Calumet School-Based Mental Health program and provide clinical mental health therapy to children and adolescents ages 4+ in a school setting.

In addition to my role as a clinical mental health therapist, I serve Samaritan as the coordinator for our school-based mental health counseling program.

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