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Jen Parsons

Jen Parsons



Jen Parsons

Jen has 10+ years experience working with youth and adults in various roles within the mental health setting. Jen is proud of the Connected Community Wellness Screen program mission, as the main focus is on early identification, intervention and connection to supportive community resources for any mental health concern that a student may be struggling with. Jen’s role consists of being a resource for community partners, school districts as well as parents. Jen and her family are a part of the Kaukauna School District, where her daughter began attending in 2016. “I am so proud that this program is within many districts in this region, and I am excited that mental wellness is becoming a part of each school’s overall culture.”

Please contact Jen if you would like to become a partner in providing this program to your students, or if you would like to donate to its cause.

(920) 886-9319 ext. 109

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