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John Barajas

John Barajas



John Barajas

I grew up in California and earned a degree in communications from Humboldt State University before starting graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh where I studied higher education while working as an assistant hall director on campus. One night I helped calm a student who was having suicidal thoughts, connected him to services, and communicated with campus police about what had happened. One of them asked if I was in the graduate counseling program based on how I was able to assist. I wasn’t—but I soon would be. That experience started me on my path to earning my master’s in clinical mental health counseling from UW-Oshkosh and deciding to call Wisconsin my home.

I am currently in the midst of my residency at Samaritan where I will complete my 3,000 hours of supervised counseling and earn my licensure as a professional counselor (LPC) and substance abuse counselor (SAC). I especially like working with college students and other adults who are in transitional times in their lives. I help them discover their unique purpose and unpack any trauma that might otherwise manifest itself in unhealthy coping mechanisms. Working together, I especially like diverting people from excessive alcohol or drug use before it blossoms into serious AODA issues.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time outdoors, fishing, and skeet shooting. My girlfriend considers me a bit of a nerd, but only because she secretly admires my 1989 Lego Batman car in my office.

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