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Wendy Neyhard, MS

Wendy Neyhard, MS



Wendy Neyhard, MS

Appleton Area School District, Kaukauna Area School District, De Pere School District, Little Chute Area School District, School District of New London, Winneconne Community School District, Wrightstown Community School District

Wendy is a screening site coordinator and case manager for the Connected Community Wellness Screen program. She has more than 30 years’ experience in K-12 schools as a special education teacher and school administrator. Her most recent experience was in the Hortonville Area School District where she was involved in the development and implementation of E3, a comprehensive K-12 mental health/wellness program. Wendy is passionate about providing students with access to upstream prevention programs to help them develop coping and resiliency skills. Through her work in schools, Wendy sees the importance of providing emotional wellness screening to students so that early intervention can occur. She is a proponent of communication and collaboration with students, parents, school staff and other providers to ensure students’ success in all areas of their lives.

Contact Wendy via email or at (920) 850-7032 (mobile) or (920) 886-9319 ext. 302 (office).

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