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Anxiety Relief at the Touch of a Button

Anxiety Relief at the Touch of a Button

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Anxiety Relief at the Touch of a Button



Anxiety Relief at the Touch of a Button

Is anxiety keeping you awake at night or making you edgy?

Therapist Renee Taylor’s teen and adult clients often struggle with anxiety and panic symptoms between counseling sessions. To help them cope, Renee directs them to an on-line article and list of free or low-cost anxiety-relieving apps for smart phones.

These self-help apps are easy to use, are portable and can bring anxiety relief at the push of a button for a more relaxing and happier life.

“I think this is a great way to bring mindfulness and solution focused practice outside the counseling office,” Taylor says.

Read and find the best 2015 anxiety reducing apps that can work for you.

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Renee Taylor, LPC, SAC IT



Renee Taylor is a licensed professional counselor and substance abuse counselor in training. She works with children, teens and adults facing many mental health concerns including addiction, anxiety, depression, ADHD, behavior and relationship issues. 








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