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Kim Davis

Chosen Families, Reunite!



Author Archives: Kim Davis

Chosen Families, Reunite!

Posted on by Kim Davis

Pride Month: June 2021 John Schaller, MS, NCC, LPC June is Pride Month, a month to celebrate and support LGBTQ people and their allies. Pride Month 2021 also coincides with the beginning of our nation’s re-emergence from the pandemic. That’s why this year’s Pride Month will have a very special meaning for people who’ve been […]

THRIVE Calumet

Posted on by Kim Davis

CALUMET COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICTS RECEIVE LANDMARK GRANTS FOR MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES THRIVE Calumet School-Based Screenings and Counseling Services launches A coalition of five Calumet County school districts will begin to offer school-based mental health screening and counseling services this spring thanks to a $231,544 grant from the Basic Needs Giving Partnership within the Community Foundation […]

When Anxiety Leads to Suicidality

Posted on by Kim Davis

Catching and Challenging Automatic Anxious Thoughts Can Stop a Downward Spiral Elysabeth Meehan, LCSW, Samaritan For a long time, now, people have spoken of the connection between depression and its potential lead-up to thoughts of suicide. Depression is an overwhelming sense of sadness and doom. A person with depression can’t see the sun through the […]

Strength is Within You, Around You

A Tool for Building Resilience for Difficult Times Wendy Neyhard, MS, Wellness Screen Learning and Development Specialist, a program of Samaritan Sources of Strength is an evidenced-based wellness program that focuses on suicide prevention and also impacts issues of substance abuse and violence. Sources of Strength is most often implemented as a school-based program in […]

Calming the Storm

TIPS FOR SOOTHING ANXIETY FOR KIDS Becky Stellmacher, Guest Blogger, Former Samaritan Therapist Self-Soothing When an infant is upset, a parent can often soothe him or her. When a child or teen needs calming, a parent can help by teaching him or her how to self soothe. It is important to remember that whatever sensory […]


Posted on by Kim Davis

MAKE THE BEST OF OUR TIME TOGETHER Becky Stellmacher, MSE, MS, LPC, Child and Adolescent Counselor, SCC Writing for the this blog post began during the COVID-19 pandemic. We discussed writing about the Week of the Young Child (April 11-17) to share ideas about how to enrich our relationships with the young people in our […]