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When Anxiety Leads to Suicidality



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When Anxiety Leads to Suicidality

Posted on by Kim Davis

Catching and Challenging Automatic Anxious Thoughts Can Stop a Downward Spiral Elysabeth Meehan, LCSW, Samaritan Counseling Center For a long time, now, people have spoken of the connection between depression and its potential lead-up to thoughts of suicide. Depression is an overwhelming sense of sadness and doom. A person with depression can’t see the sun […]

Managing Holiday Stress

“With the holiday season in full swing, it can be a joyous time. It can also be difficult — filled with struggles with grief, holiday blues, or heightened levels of stress,” Samaritan resident psychotherapist John Schaller says. “Whatever emotions the holidays stir, I think we all deserve a happy holiday. That often begins with being […]

Nonsuicidal Self-Injury Behaviors

Posted on by Jill Harp

Samaritan’s Connected Community Wellness Screen program provides emotional wellness screens to students throughout 10 community school systems. It is important for parents, schools and youth mentors to be aware that this year’s screenings are showing a prevalence of students engaging in nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) behaviors. What is NSSI? It is self-inflicted harm to one’s body […]

Anxiety Relief at the Touch of a Button

Is anxiety keeping you awake at night or making you edgy? Therapist Renee Taylor’s teen and adult clients often struggle with anxiety and panic symptoms between counseling sessions. To help them cope, Renee directs them to an on-line article and list of free or low-cost anxiety-relieving apps for smart phones. These self-help apps are easy […]

Feeling Anxious? Guided Breathing Exercises Can Help!

Counselor Paul Perales, MSW, CAPSW   Feeling anxious? Stop and consider your breath. Are you taking short, shallow breaths? Changing that can change your state of mind. Samaritan therapist Paul Perales recommends mindfulness exercises that focus on breathing to his clients. And good news — YOU can get these simple audio exercises free from The Free Mindfulness Project. […]

Trestle Trail Tragedy: Easing Anxiety and Fear

Traumatic events like the Trestle Trail tragedy can impact the community’s sense of safety and security, says Samaritan therapist Dede Harris-Bruss. It’s normal to experience both emotional and physical responses, Harris-Bruss says. “Even if you were not directly impacted by the event, it is normal to feel anxious, scared, sad and uncertain about the future.” […]

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