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Centro Esperanza

Centro Esperanza

Centro Esperanza

Centro Esperanza

Centro Esperanza

Centro Esperanza began in 2017 as a counseling, group support and mental health education program for the Spanish speaking community in collaboration with NAMI Fox Valley. Samaritan provides the Spanish language counseling services to the Latino community, as part of this collaboration.  NAMI provides the support groups and education.

The purpose of Centro Esperanza is to help Latino adults, children and families in our community have access to effective, high-quality, culturally appropriate mental health treatment and support. As a result, they become mentally healthier and better equipped to parent and raise more resilient and successful kids. In the end, the whole community benefits.

Moves to establish a robust Spanish speaking counseling program Centro Esperanza have been made to reduce barriers and grow impact in the Latino community.

Spanish language counseling is being offered to the Latino community within the Fox Valley area at Samaritan’s Menasha and Kaukauna Centers –  located close to the heart of our region’s Spanish-speaking neighborhoods.

Centro Esperanza services are detailed in Spanish here.

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Below: Executive Director Rosangela Berbert promotes need for Spanish-language counseling Centro Esperanza.

Centro Esperanza Staff

Siebers Tracy 2955

Dr. Tracy Siebers, Ed. D., LPC (Clinical Director)

When walking toward goals in life, individuals, couples and families often encounter challenges that can be difficult to manage and that create conflict. I enjoy collaboratively working with my clients to develop coping skills and tools to be more successful in meeting their goals. I seek first to understand each unique person and their desires from counseling. If my client seeks to integrate their spirituality and faith into the counseling process, I welcome the opportunity.  I am a bilingual English and Spanish therapist and serve children, adolescents, adults, couples and families facing concerns with depression, anxiety, anger management, behavioral problems, cultural adjustment, mindfulness, trauma and borderline personality disorder.

Seniasor (Senia) Rodriguez-Gomez, ME, LPC-IT

Desde mi adolescencia he sido dirigida al servicio, ayudando y apoyando personas de todas las edades.  Soy una Terapista Bilingüe experimentada en servir a quienes hablan español, ya sean niños, familias, adultos y/o parejas, lo cual he hecho por sobre 22 años.  Terapéuticamente trabajo de manera colaborativa con mis clientes y exploramos las dinámicas únicas, patrones e interacciones familiares entre sus miembros.  Juntos utilizamos técnicas de psicoterapia para tratar los problemas y aumentar la felicidad modificando las emociones, conductas y pensamientos negativos.  Disfruto trabajando con clientes en sus ajustes al cambio y les ayudo a encontrar maneras efectivas para lidiar con las dificultades del diario vivir.  Cuando es importante para mis clientes, les motivo a incorporar su espiritualidad como parte de su viaje de sanidad.  Estaré viendo clientes de habla español en nuestras oficinas en Menasha y Kaukauna.

Aprende mas de nuestros servicios de consejeria en español.

Since my teenage years, I have been driven to serve, help and support people of all ages. I am an experienced bilingual therapist serving Spanish-speaking children, families, adults and couples for over 22 years. Therapeutically, I collaboratively work with my clients and look at the unique dynamics, patterns and interactions family members have on them. Together we use psychotherapy techniques that treat problems and boost happiness to modify their negative emotions, behaviors and thoughts. I enjoy working with clients adjusting to change and helping them find effective ways to help them cope with daily life struggles. When it is important to my clients, I encourage their spirituality be incorporated as part of their healing journey. I see Spanish-speaking clients in our Menasha and Kaukauna offices.

Learn more about our Spanish language counseling services.

Stefany, Client Benefits Specialist

(920) 886-9319 

Stefany speaks Spanish and English. She works with both Centro Esperanza and Samaritan Counseling clients helping choose a therapist, answer questions and address concerns about services, scheduling, fees and payment options.