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Chosen Families, Reunite!

Chosen Families, Reunite!

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Chosen Families, Reunite!



Chosen Families, Reunite!

Posted on by Kim Davis

Pride Month: June 2021
John Schaller, MS, NCC, LPC

June is Pride Month, a month to celebrate and support LGBTQ people and their allies. Pride Month 2021 also coincides with the beginning of our nation’s re-emergence from the pandemic. That’s why this year’s Pride Month will have a very special meaning for people who’ve been separated from their chosen families for more than a year. Many LGBTQ people rely on non-biological family love and support, or chosen families, especially if they have been alienated or ostracized from their families of origin. When the lockdown began, the only socially acceptable visits were between related family members, which added a layer of trauma for people who do not find warmth and acceptance in these circles. Even supportive community groups like gay-straight alliances shut down or went virtual. As we reintegrate with society, it is more important than ever for LGBTQ people to celebrate Pride Month with people who celebrate them. “We at Samaritan see you, we hear you, and we are here for you!” ■

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