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Faith Leader Mental Health Integration

Faith Leader Mental Health Integration

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Faith Leader Mental Health Integration Project

Fall session has been postponed. Please check back or stay connected with Samaritan for information on future events.


Faith leaders, you are a mental health lifeline for many in your faith community and beyond. Equip yourself to lead people to wellness in mind and spirit.

FLMHIP is a six-session series, where two attendees from each participating faith community will delve into mental health topics relevant to ministry and deepen their understanding of regional resources to which they can refer those in need of healing.

Learn more about the FLMHIP sessions.

Here’s what two of your peers who participated in last year’s cohort had to say about the integration project:

“Thank you so much — this pertains to members of my congregation!”

“Thank you — I am reinvigorated to put my time into promotion of this important ministry.”

Questions? Contact Doug Bisbee, Samaritan’s Clergy and Congregation Care coordinator.