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Featured at Solihten National Conference

Featured at Solihten National Conference

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Featured at Solihten National Conference



Featured at Solihten National Conference

Posted on by Jill Harp

Samaritan’s Wellness Screen Serves as Example, Resource

The annual conference of the Solihten Institute, Samaritan’s accrediting organization, was held in Denver August 1-3, 2019. Executive Director Rosangela Berbert and Wellness Screen Program Director Jen Parsons attended to learn and network with colleagues. Jen presented a three-hour workshop for agencies across the country who are considering establishing a community mental wellness screening program similar to Samaritan’s own Wellness Screen.

Professionals from 25 different agencies attended the session to learn of Samaritan’s experiences and earned wisdom. Jen spoke about Samaritan’s Wellness Screen process, program model, successes, and data-driven outcomes. Attendees left the workshop with a readiness checklist to use back at their own agencies. Since returning home, Jen and her team have already been contacted by several agencies who are actively working to adopt the Wellness Screen model or optimize their own. Not only did Jen and Rosangela benefit from colleagues’ energy and affirmation, they discovered a critical need for coaching peer agencies on this type of program development across the nation. Samaritan is moved to embrace this business opportunity and call to leadership!

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