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How Amazing Is This?

How Amazing Is This?

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How Amazing Is This?



How Amazing Is This?

First Congo Appleton holiday market booth 151115

It’s so good to have good friends!

Take the middle school youth group at First Congregational (“First Congo”) United Church of Christ in Appleton. Each November the congregation hosts an alternative holiday market, in which shoppers support local nonprofits by purchasing intangible, symbolic gifts to give their loved ones — maybe a pair of shoes for a homeless person or a meal for a family.

Each year First Congo’s middle schoolers choose one of the dozens of gifts available to peddle at their own booth. This year they chose a $25 one-on-one consult for a teen at risk of suicide, offered by Samaritan’s Connected Community Wellness Screen program.

Isn’t this booth created by Samaritan friends and First Congo members Aidan Bero and Lori Schwager delightful? It was effective, too. The team raised more than $500 toward teen suicide prevention.

Thank you, Aidan, Lori and First Congo’s middle school youth! You are amazing.

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