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How to Save a Life

How to Save a Life

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How to Save a Life



How to Save a Life

Posted on by Jill Harp

Suicide Prevention is Within Each Person: How You Can Help?
The loss of a person to suicide is especially tragic. For those left behind, the experience is complicated by added layers of guilt, shame, anger, and confusion. People left behind after a suicide are at higher risk for developing major depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and a form of prolonged grief called complicated grief. The pain of suicide is so intense, it motivates all of us to take action to prevent every potential act of suicide and compassionately care for family members and friends who are affected by suicide loss. You can help.

Get trained in QPR. Question-Persuade-Refer (QPR) is the evidenced-based protocol that prepares any person to intervene and help redirect a person who is considering suicide. Educators, faith leaders, youth mentors, and community members across Wisconsin and the U.S. are trained in QPR, the best-practice for responding to a person in crisis. Request free QPR training for you or your organization.

Support survivors. For every person who dies by suicide, there are up to six more suicide survivors—those left behind to grieve. Contemplate how you can be a companion in their grief. For example, commit to the long-term; save space for them while they are away from their normal roles, and speak warmly of the person they lost—don’t avoid his or her mention. So often we feel the need to do something or say something that makes sense of it all. Do help with practical matters like cooking and household tasks but place a priority on simply being present.

Lift your voice. In recognition of World Suicide Prevention Day (9/10), during the weekend of September 6-8, the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention invites faith communities across the nation, regardless of their tradition, creed or spiritual perspective, to pray for those whose lives have been touched by suicide. Save the date and join the National Weekend of Prayer for Faith, Hope, & Life. Let’s lift our voices in prayer for those who have been impacted by suicide, for those who are dealing with mental health concerns and feelings of hopelessness, and for all the people who love and care for them. Check it out the many excellent resources for faith leaders the Action Alliance has prepared for this special purpose.

Get help for yourself or your loved ones.

Suicide Prevention Hotline
Schedule an appointment with a Samaritan therapist.

Rosangela Berbert, MSE, LPC, NCC

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