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Into Every Life Some Snow Must Fall

Into Every Life Some Snow Must Fall

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Into Every Life Some Snow Must Fall



Into Every Life Some Snow Must Fall

At today’s meeting of Samaritan’s board of directors, board member Kathy Mahoney shared the following devotion, which she wrote.

The original lyrics say rain, but I thought with our blizzard this weekend the snow was more appropriate. Of course, the snow represents a problem or difficulty or issue each of us will have to deal with from time to time. Things that are difficult to deal with.

So this week, with the snow in mind, a couple things came to me. First, there was an article in the newspaper about a woman who was on the Trestle Bridge, was shot three times, and managed to get two of her kids and herself off and away – but her husband and daughter were killed.  That’s a lot of snow in her life. I can’t imagine going through that. The Neenah High School Arete group was honoring her as an unsung hero. The woman says, “There’s nothing more important than loving the people that are close to you, serving them, giving your all, living life to the fullest, because (I) didn’t see it coming, didn’t know. You’ve got to live for today because tomorrow is not promised.”

And on Facebook there was a post – a rather long one of notes an Australian woman made after she found out she was going to die. She was 26. Her body wasted away ‘til she was 27. I also can’t imagine. She essentially wrote about living for the moment. Forget the minor inconveniences; do what you can to care for others. And she was so thankful for all the loving and caring people in her life during her time of trial.

I’m sure the counselors at Samaritan see many people with a lot of snow in their lives. And do their very best.

On another note, my week last week was kind of hectic. I kept feeling anxious, like I didn’t have time to do what I needed to do. We – my husband and I – had missteps – went to a fundraiser Thursday night for an event we had scheduled from 7-9. We arrived at 7. They were wrapping up. It was supposed to be 5-7. Friday afternoon we went to a program that was to commence at 1:30. The speaker didn’t show. Friday night we went to a play which both of us found kind of upsetting so we left at intermission – there is enough upsetting in the real world.

We planned to go to our cottage in Lakewood for the weekend and woke up to a snow storm. Not good driving. So we decided to stay home. And it was a wonderful decision thanks to the snow. Kicked back, caught up, enjoyed being together, sitting in the dining area watching and feeding the birds in the back yard who were desperate.

The tak away for me is I guess things that happen in your life can be bad – but can also result in good.

Please do what you can today – that is all you are promised. And count your blessings!

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