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Our Mission

We connect mind, body and spirit so individuals, families, organizations, and communities thrive.


You can expect professional, expert counseling that is cost-effective.

We specialize in integrating spirituality and faith in psychotherapy. Samaritan views your spirit as integral to your emotional healing and growth. Spirituality and faith offer hope, inspiration and direction when skillfully integrated in your counseling. Read more about our specialty here.

You also can seek therapy here if spirituality and faith are not relevant to you. Your therapist will follow your lead in this regard.

State Licensed

Samaritan is fully licensed with the state of Wisconsin as an outpatient mental health and AODA clinic.


Samaritan was founded in 1970 by the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Appleton, Wis., as Appleton Pastoral Counseling Center. The agency later became Fox Valley Pastoral Counseling Center.

In 2006, we took the name Samaritan to reflect our accreditation by the Samaritan Institute.

As of 2018, Samaritan of the Fox Valley is accredited by Solihten Institute.