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Healing Mind, Body, Spirit & Community
Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

Board of Directors


Mary Beduhn
1st Choice Sanitation (retired)

Greg Watling
First Congregational UCC
New London
Vice President

Diane Haase
Pierce Manufacturing (retired)
Matt Brehmer
Remley & Sensenbrenner
Lauri Asbury
Neenah Joint School District Board
Chloe De Young
Element Creative
Erica Johnson
Jewelers Mutual
Kathy Mahoney
Outagamie County (retired)
David Peperkorn
Presto Products (retired)
Mike Rohrkaste
Oshkosh Corp. (retired)
Robin Schroeder
Bemis Company
Tom Tatlock
Psychiatrist (retired)

Featured Director

Erica Johnson, Jewelers Mutual, Neenah

“All your perfect imperfections.” I remind myself of this statement daily. I want to be part of an organization that values and appreciates everyone’s perfect imperfections. Mental health is close to me. My immediate family has been affected by this sometimes invisible disease. I often wonder why some people struggle so much with mental health and others don’t. I can’t answer that question, but I can be a part of something that is there to help. My interest in Samaritan Counseling Center is just that, being a part of the solution and the answer for people. I am also strong in my faith. I have seen faith and church help so many, that I wholeheartedly support the combination of clinical and faith driven support. I pray that my passion for people and work experience will add value to the Samaritan Counseling Center Board of Directors.


Administrative Staff

You will find our counseling staff here.
You will find our Connected Community Wellness Screen staff here.
You will find our Clergy and Congregation Care staff here.

Rosangela Berbert

Executive Director

Rosangela Berbert, MSE, NCC, LPC

(920) 886-9319 ext. 301

Executive director Rosangela (pronounced hoe-SAN-gel-ah) Berbert is a licensed professional counselor. She has been on staff at Samaritan since 2005.


Photo coming soon

Administrative Director

Patty Eichhorst

(920) 886-9319 ext. 106

Patty’s responsibilities include managing office operations, supervising administrative staff, monitoring all accounting and financial transactions and providing support to the Executive Director and Board of Directors.


Thao Bao 2018_0466 retouch LT(4x5)

Human Resources Director

Bo Thao

(920) 886-9319 ext. 123                                                                                            

Bo serves as professional advocate and link to both employees and the Samaritan Counseling Center organization. She brings human resource (HR) management experience including recruiting, onboarding, employee relations, benefits administration, FMLA/leaves of absences, HR policies, and performance management to the role.

Lisa Strandberg

Development and Communications Director

Lisa Strandberg

(920) 886-9319 ext. 116

Lisa raises both awareness of the Center and funds to support its mission. She brings her background as a writer, editor and journalist to the role.


Jill Harp

Development and Marketing Coordinator

Jill Harp

(920) 886-9319 ext. 155

Jill supports the building of relationships with donors and friends of Samaritan Counseling Center. She brings a background in grant writing, communications and journalism to her role.


Client Benefits Specialist


(920) 886-9319 

Mai helps clients choose a therapist, answer questions and address concerns about services, scheduling, fees and payment options.


Client Benefits Specialist


(920) 886-9319 

Choua helps clients choose a therapist, answer questions and address concerns about services, scheduling, fees and payment options.


Bilingual Spanish/English Client Benefits Specialist


(920) 886-9319 

Virginia speaks Spanish and English. She works with both Centro Esperanza and Samaritan Counseling clients helping choose a therapist, answer questions and address concerns about services, scheduling, fees and payment options.


Coopman Tom 2760

Administrative Coordinator

Tom Coopman

(920) 886-9319 ext. 118

Tom ensures accuracy and timeliness in the processing of our clients’ insurance and out-of-pocket payments.