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The therapists and counselors at Samaritan Counseling Center are trained and/or certified to use the telehealth module within Carepaths, a highly regarded encrypted electronic health records (EHR) system for behavioral health practices. Here’s what you can expect:

Clients new to Samaritan receive an email to introduce them to Carepaths. Upon logging in with a password, a client clicks “Teletherapy” and “Join the room,” and is joined on video or by his or her therapist. Video sessions can be completed on a smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Alternatively, phone (audio only) sessions are conducted via the therapist’s cell phone. Clients choose a video or phone session when they schedule their appointments.

Clients must provide their location, who is with them, and where the staff could send help if an emergency arises. They learn about confidentiality and that Carepaths telehealth transmissions are encrypted for security and privacy. Cell phone calls are considered HIPAA compliant.

Most insurances cover telehealth sessions like face-to-face counseling. Also, insurances may be waiving copays at this time. Samaritan will help clients navigate these questions.

Samaritan staff are managing their schedules to work best for clients and their own families. This means access may now extend outside normal business hours.

For clients who would normally discuss very specific private topics in their session, and cannot guarantee privacy during their calls, we encourage them to keep their sessions, stay connected to their counselors, and know the session can shift to more general topics about stress management, self-care, and other supports.

People with questions about telehealth sessions are invited to call (920)886-9319 to learn more.

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