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THRIVE Calumet

THRIVE Calumet


Thrive Calumet

Identify Concerns Early. Get Connected to Care.

THRIVE Calumet is school-based mental health screening that can connect young people and their families to therapists and counselors in their own communities. Here’s how it works:

  • Students in at least one grade in participating Calumet County school districts are given the opportunity to complete a confidential online questionnaire about their mental health.
  • If the screening uncovers a concern, the student will have a confidential conversation with screening staff and parents/guardians can learn about and receive a referral for further evaluation or other supportive resources.
  • The referral may be for a school counselor, a Samaritan therapist, or another provider in the community.
  • For younger children, the questionnaire is offered to parents/guardians to answer questions about their children’s behaviors and emotions.

Good Things to Know:

THRIVE Calumet offers help and hope. We help young people and their families with concerns like anxiety, depression, grief, self-harm, bullying, family problems, substance abuse disorders, and other issues.

Reach out for help anytime. Young people can access school-based mental health services through the online screening process, through a referral from school staff, or by student or parent/guardian request.

Don’t let financial concerns stop your family from getting the help you deserve. Samaritan accepts many types of insurance coverage. Financial assistance and other payment options may also be available—just ask.

On-site and telehealth (video or phone) appointments are available. THRIVE Calumet was created to bring mental health services to your community so it’s easier and more convenient to get the mental health care you need.